Sascha M Holesch


Toriwantanmen 🍜 9E9A6FC5-5702-4139-B1CD-6EEBD6A9352A.jpg

No sushi, no life. 🍣


More places should have guidance systems like our city hall here.


Somebody got that quote wrong, I think. F6A5FE6F-3628-459B-97A8-257E6A4E654A.jpg

So hard to resist the urge to buy.


ゴルゴサーディン 😂

Today’s unagi lunch.

I want my Sushi fast. Shinkansen-style fast! 🍣 😉


At my favourite castle.


Finally! After 1.5 years in Germany: CIVILISATION!! 🇯🇵

It was again time for my most useful reminder to pop up. 3 months is about the time I tend to forget about it.

Reminder notification reading "Remember: Life is too short"

Ritz crackers with macha chocolate cream filling. :)


French toast, except Knödel! 😋

One of the things I just can’t get used to since moving to Germany: Even the cakes are made of meat and sausage!

Time for some Mario Hanafuda 🎉

Slow mobile internet is slow




Problems after moving back from Japan: find yourself on the wrong seat inside the car just as you want to drive off. 🙄

Last night’s dinner: A marriage of German “Schweinebraten mit Knödel” and Japanese Curry. 🍛🍖

Back in Germany. Wanted to post more, but the internet is so slow and the mobile bandwidth quota pretty tiny. 😪

I’m curious but not brave enough to visit this shop…