Sascha M Holesch

Germany: Even the cakes are made of sausage and meat. 🙄 9BA20DA6-7B97-4718-A82E-4F7C4D64BDED.jpg

One of the things I just can’t get used to since moving to Germany: Even the cakes are made of meat and sausage!

Time for some Mario Hanafuda 🎉

Slow mobile internet is slow




Problems after moving back from Japan: find yourself on the wrong seat inside the car just as you want to drive off. 🙄

Last night’s dinner: A marriage of German “Schweinebraten mit Knödel” and Japanese Curry. 🍛🍖

Back in Germany. Wanted to post more, but the internet is so slow and the mobile bandwidth quota pretty tiny. 😪

I’m curious but not brave enough to visit this shop…

Flat White Coffee Factory in Sendai

Visited my favorite coffee shop a last time before leaving.

It was fun making the iPad based ordering system and menu. Nice to see it still being in use.

Before this project I wasn’t a coffee person. Never drank any at all until I got to taste a really delicious cup in this shop.

Anpanman bread is the best bread! 🍞

Dokin’s Heart Shape Cafe. The Anpanman museum is a great place :)

Aizu Winter


The castle on a very snowy day.


Snow everywhere. We are usually driving on top of the snow. It gets removed all the way to the surface only on the main streets.


On today’s lunch time stroll.

My afternoons seem to run quite late. At least as far as my watch is concerned. 🙄

The castle on a rainy winter day.

The castle in Aizuwakamatsu today. I’m going to miss it.

Frozen bathroom window this morning. ❄️

Love how the sun is going to hide behind the mountains soon.

Don’t love how the power lines are obstructing the view. ;)

Castle lunch time is the best lunch time.

Between Christmas an new year is podcast inbox zero time. Finally caught up on everything:)