Sascha M Holesch

Nice view on the way to the office. 🌄

Animal Crossing: New Leaf is a lovely game. A couple days ago I had a promise to visit one of the villagers. He forgot and wasn’t home. After arriving late, he shrugged it off with a laugh and went to sleep. I was waiting in the cold outside all night. What is this game teaching?

Yoko Taro on Animal Crossing:

Why do you have to collect things that are right next to the monsters to make them happy, like a slave?

Winter has arrived.

I’ve recently replaced the time I spent on Twitter every day with playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf on my 3DS.

So far I feel much less stressed and generally more relaxed. Love the interactions with the inhabitants and arranging my furniture.

It’s been a while until I last approached it, but I feel like it might be time to give iCloud CoreData another chance. Any opinions on this?

By the way… how is this @SaberRiderGame coming along? I’m already waiting more than 20 years for it now. ;D

It’s iPhone shopping o’clock.

The same problem every morning. There is only one explanation that makes sense……

No word of iPhone 6 on 👎

Note to self: Don’t schedule early meetings after a night with an Apple event.

No GM for Yosemite, but Preview 7.

Still skeptical about battery life of the WATCH, but want to take a closer look at WatchKit.

Please please please let me hook in and add animated GIFs to those emojis.

/cc @atsumeruapp

The Pebble now feels like from the stone age.

This reminds me of the PS Vita home screen, which I don’t like.

/cc @siracusa


Oh. Tim really pulled the “One more thing…”

I hope for Apple their huge announcement for later is not some new streaming technology. ^^

Hyperlapse just made obsolete :)