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Had to give my Apple Watch up for replacement, so I’m without one for the day.

Seems like phantom taps are a thing now?

My wish list for OS X 10.12 is a real dark mode. Also support for it for Xcode.

Somehow I miss the Christmas trees. 😢

Oh, iTunes Connect is sending notifications now when a binary finished processing. 👍🏼

It has come to this.. 😢…

I get the feeling today’s coding day will be the most productive ever!…

I just found a JavaScript file in my Xcode project. How disgusting! 😷

A month ago scripting on iOS seemed absurd to me. Today, an iPhone or iPad without @WorkflowHQ is unthinkable.

Happy that GIRL has finally come back from her journey, but a bit sad that the goal is now reached:…

When did proper engineering went out of fashion? Why do we have to “hack” everything nowadays? 😕

If I wanted to be bothered by ads I’d be using Google products…

Who at Apple came up with the idea for using Notifications for ads and now even show iPhone ads when visiting the App Store? 😠/cc @tim_cook

Side projects are called side projects because they tend to push the rest of your life to the side.

So merely being alive counts as exercise, watchOS 2.1?…

“If at first you don’t succeed, just upload the exact same binary again.”

  • iTunes Connect

Device update marathon.

Things always look much better from afar…

… except without anisotropic filtering.

The big question I have after PSX is: Will there be an edition of Rez Infinite that includes @mizuguchitter ’s suit? :)

I like my responders chained up nicely. :)

I got Marketing for Developers - the Book from @mijustin on @Gumroad:…